Mathematical Thinking VII: How to develop it at Lower Secondary Level through Problem Solving Approach

Provide By: University of Tsukuba
  • Course IDSEAMES006/2024
  • Course Name Mathematical Thinking VII: How to develop it at Lower Secondary Level through Problem Solving Approach
  • Subject SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Teacher e-Training Series 2024
  • Start Date 2024-08-07
  • End Date 2024-09-04
  • Duration 4 Sessions (75 mins/session)
  • Language English
  • Course description This course focuses on how to develop Mathematical Thinking in classroom as a part of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in mathematics at the Lower Secondary School Level. On this theme, CRICED had provided the online courses ‘Mathematical Thinking I~VI.’ Most of them focused on Primary School Level. This new course ‘Mathematical Thinking VII’ focuses on the Lower Secondary School Level for Problem-Solving Approach, in another words ‘Teaching through Problem Solving.’ It is the familiar approach in Japan to develop mathematical thinking based on what students already learned and to prepare the future/further learning which is now well known in the world through these courses. For the primary school teachers, it is also meaningful to learn how primary school mathematics progress and extend at the lower secondary school. Because teachers already knew mathematics at least upper secondary level, it is not easy for them to distinguish between primary and secondary level mathematics and then, it provides the origin of misconceptions for students. Primary school teachers are possible to prepare students who challenge further learning at lower secondary level with enjoyment if they know what students will learn in near future. To explain how to develop mathematical thinking, this course will refer Southeast Asia Mathematics Curriculum Standards (SEA-BES: CCRLS Mathematics), English Edition of Japanese Mathematics Textbooks published by Gakko Tosho which are adapted into Indonesia and Thailand, as well as other international documents and so on. All the lessons will begin on Wednesday afternoon from 14:00 (Japan time GMT+9) through a live streaming via YouTube. Certificate will be provided for the participants who have completed all 4 assignments for the lesson by the set due date.
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