Geographic Perspectives and Thinking in Senior High School

Provide By: University of Tsukuba
  • Course IDSEAMES008/2024
  • Course Name Geographic Perspectives and Thinking in Senior High School
  • Subject SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Teacher e-Training Series 2024
  • Start Date 2024-09-11
  • End Date 2024-10-02
  • Duration 4 Sessions (75 mins/session)
  • Language English
  • Course description In this course, we will first provide an overview of geography education in Japan from an international comparative perspective. Then, we will delve into the background of the compulsory subject "Geography" in senior high school. Additionally, two senior high school teachers among the lecturers will share insights into their lesson practices. We invite attendees to discuss what senior high school students learn through geography, how they learn it, and how it may benefit them in the future. All the lessons will begin on Wednesday afternoon from 15:00 (Japan time GMT+9) through a live streaming via YouTube. Certificate will be provided for the participants who have completed all 4 assignments for the lesson by the set due date.
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