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Mathematics Challenges for Classroom Practices at the Lower Secondary Level

By: Editors: GAN Teck Hock, ISODA Masami, TEH Kim Hong

Based on SEAMEO Basic Education Standards: Common Core Regional Learning Standards in Mathematics. The content of this guidebook series covers across Grade 1 to Grade 9 and consists of tasks written to understand the learning standards in Mathematics. The transfer of information from the SEA-BES CCRLS to the newly published book series will create an awareness among classroom teachers and teacher educators the importance and relevance of curriculum standards in formulating and designing learning specifications for students. The presentation of the book series emphasized on three aspects, namely highlighting the misconceptions, developed new ideas from the previously learned knowledge and explanation of new concepts in mathematics. The task-based approach will surely help readers to enhance their own mathematical understanding and ultimately provide better support for classroom teaching and learning.

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  • AuthorEditors: GAN Teck Hock, ISODA Masami, TEH Kim Hong
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  • ISBN/ISSN 9789679300550
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  • Language English
  • Year of Publication 2021
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